Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Photo Essay: Woodbine Backstretch is now Open!

On Saturday morning, I bundled up for a visit to the Woodbine backstretch. The weather was cold, and there were intermittent flurries, but the busy backstretch workers were in good spirits as they helped returning horses through their first steps of 2011 over Woodbine's dirt training track and sand ring. During the visit I caught up with a few old friends and some new ones as well...trainers Carla Christoffersen, Vito Armata and John Leblanc offered a warm greeting on a cold day.

It was a fairly quiet morning compared to the high-traffic experience of backstretch visits during the meet, but it was good to see the horses and their helpers back where they belong. April, and the start of the Woodbine meet, cannot arrive soon enough.

Below you'll find a bevy of photos from the trip. As always, you can enlarge the photo by left-clicking on the image. To return to the Photo Essay, click on the "Back" button. Enjoy!

Meet me at the Corner of Secretariat and Chief Bearheart

The training track was looking a bit deep and dusty

Happy Trails

Mr. Lonely?

Lean into it!

Turn it up


Eat my dust!

Mind them birds...

Gangs all here

Who is that masked man?

Happy Trails

Spring training, eh?

Posse out!

You're so vane

keep em coming

Snow way! You want me to gallop through the flurries?

By a nose

Up, up and away

Keepin' it Real...

Trainer Carla Christoffersen and jockey Real Simard dressed for success in the cold

Canadian Palm Tree

On the right path



Tuck rule

Turning left

In off the Also-Eligible list...


Got Mints?

Head on

Shana and Boots

Working on the inner-snow track


Keep close, keep warm

Triple Dead Heat?!

Trainer John Leblanc keeping warm

Hello up- there

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