Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photo Essay: Saturday Morning Workouts at Saratoga

I'm back from a whirlwind weekend at Saratoga and what a weekend it was! Blind Luck put in a devastating performance on Saturday to win the Alabama Stakes, jockey John Velazquez swept the early pick four en route to a five-win day and, of course, there were drinks after at Siro's.

Saratoga sunshiney silhouette

My hostess, the talented Teresa of Brooklyn Backstretch fame was an informative and gracious tour guide. I can't thank her enough for kicking me off the couch at 5AM to watch the morning workouts. Honest!

Rather than jump into the racing, I thought I would start my recap with a tour of the backstretch and a morning spent watching workouts. By arriving trackside before dawn on Saturday, we were fortunate to watch from the rail as Super Saver, A Little Warm, Trappe Shot, Fly Down and others prepared for the Travers. I even caught a blurry shot of a galloping Rachel Alexandra.

What follows is a photo essay of my morning at Saratoga.

(As always, please double left click the photo to enlarge the photo and then use your "Back" button to return to the blog post. Enjoy!)

Well before sunrise but still beautiful in Saratoga...

Here comes the sun

You'll have to take my word for it, but this blurry bit of motion is a galloping Rachel Alexandra

You can watch Rachel Alexandra's headstrong gallop below


Stand at attention

It's been so long since I've seen a dirt track...I had to get a closer look

Afleet Express works in preparation for the Travers

The express is always faster

Watch Afleet Express work courtesy of NYRA Video

Jim Dandy winner A Little Warm preps for the Travers

A Little Warm heatin' up for trainer Tony Dutrow

Watch A Little Warm workout courtesy of NYRA Video

Here comes a wrap superstar

This rider is a Manchester City supporter

Change up the angle but just as beautiful on the turn

Saratoga silhouette

Get movin'!



The Saratoga backstretch

I stood here for hours

Crazy Cat Lady couldn't sort out how to eat the mint

But she can definitely sort out how to pose for a portrait!

Next stall over is my friend Teresa with Our Friend Harvey

Nick Zito's Fly Down prepares for the Travers

Fly Zoom!

A horseicle built for two? No...just an awkward camera angle

Watch Fly Down workout for the Travers courtesy of
NYRA Video

This one's well speckled

So fresh, so clean

The best part of visiting the backstretch are the characters you meet along the way. While Pure Luck was getting a bath her groom regaled us with stories


Many pedi's on the Saratoga backstretch

Later in the afternooon I spent a lot of time looking through this window...just looking, mind

* * *

More photos and certainly many more words on my Spa weekend later this week including a review of the weekend Stakes races, my visit with Tom Durkin and other Saratoga celebs and an information session at the Jockey Club Round Table event which included a presentation by Woodbine's own Nick Eaves.

As always, keep track of the latest goings on in the world of horse racing by clicking into TripleDeadHeat's Woodbine News page.


The_Knight_Sky said...

Sparkling images as always and splendid reporting on the side. ;-)

Anonymous said...

what, no photos of the 2 legged hotties at Siro's?

Susan said...

Nice job! You have captured all that is special about Saratoga. I especially liked your video of Rachel's gallop. She's looks more than ready !

Keith-TripleDeadHeat said...

Thx for the comments everyone!

TKS - Hope to have a few more words of actual reporting later this week.

Anon - They were there...but I was too distracted to click.

Susan - NYRA does an awesome job with their workout vids. Can't recommend their Youtube channel enough!

Teresa said...

So great to see you, Keith--love that your visit is now a Saratoga tradition.