Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Photo Essay: Sunrise on the Mohawk Backstretch

Though I love Woodbine Racetrack for watching thoroughbred racing, the Rexdale track simply cannot compare to majestic Mohawk when it comes to standardbred racing.

On Saturday April 3rd, I drove across the 401 to Mohawk Racetrack to interview a trainer for an upcoming piece in TROT Magazine.

It was a gloriously warm and sunny morning so I headed to the track early to take some photographs. While walking the backstretch, I had a chance to watch the morning works, meet some of the hard working grooms and speak to a few of the drivers and trainers all busy preparing their horses for race night.

(What follows is a photo essay of my morning at Mohawk. As always, please double left click the photo to enlarge and then use your "Back" button to return to the photo essay. Enjoy!)

Sunrise at Mohawk

Sunshine finish line

Head to head action

Putting your best foot forward

Hawks over Mohawk

Easy jog in the morning...

Catch me if you can

Taking a look

Sunshine spotlight

Hugging the rail

It's a long road

Time to go to work

Empty grandstand

tree top training

Two at a time

Tall as the trees

It's easy being green

Sign of the times

Wide turn

I've been spotted

Waiting in the weeds

The house on the hill

Futures so bright, I gotta wear shades

Clocking Out

Sweatin' to the oldies

Between the bars

Two heads are better than one

A kiss for luck

The spa treatment

A girl's best friend

Smiles are free

Lunch time!

Thumbs up

Cat nap

C horse run

I hope you enjoyed the photos. It's hard to believe that by 7PM post time on Saturday it was raining hard and there was such a strong wind it was bending the flag poles along the homestretch nearly in half. The dust was kicking up off the track in such a tailspin that I didn't want to take the camera out of its case for fear of damage.

Fortunately, it was a beautiful morning to be at Mohawk and spend time around the horses. If you're a fan of standardbred racing, why not click on over to the Ontario Standardbred Adoption Society website and see what you can do to help the heroes of the game. Perhaps you, or someone you know, might be able to adopt one of the great old warhorses like Ho Ho Sputnik, Kountry Kernal or Conrad Seelster.

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